Back to oldschool! This new minimalistic design is ready to funk up
      all digital maggotbrains... read more about it here!
      I love the mob and the way they're touring around... non-stop, with
      the duty to free the P! The music is like a treasure and the motto:
      "Aint no party like a P-Funk party, cause a P-Funk party dont stop"
      is reality! I'm satisfied about all those memorabilia and other re-
      lics from foonky past and  present.  Due to the help from many dis-
      ciples of funk,  an huge amount of information & data is available.
      Years ago,  I started to  catch  everythang that has a relationship     
to the mob. With the help of all those dogs and cats, the Funk will prosper in a pure way... Take me to the fonky river!

I hope that this infobase will be a helpful guide for many P.Funk
fans and collectors. In case of errors or additions do not hesitate
to make contact - together we are strong!

This site is still under heavy betabiodigitaldoloop contruction....
I try 2 add all gathered information as soon as possible, important
additions or changes will be added to the construction update. If
somebody contributes some kind of helpful information, his or her
name will be credited.

Funky H.

Post scriptum:
How we gonna make a Funk Nation rise? Educate, Educate... Organize!