C O N S T R U C T I O N   U P D A T E

       Same conditions as for the Motherpage, this page will be under con-      
struction forever. This page is best viewed with Lynx. But Mozilla,
Safari, Camino or iExplorer are also fine.

U P D A T E S T O C O M E :

- Constant Tour List updates and details
- New designed & updated Album, Single, Sample & Press List
- Attempt of an Song list
- More artists and biogrphical sketches
- Links between each area

U P D A T E S N O T T O C O M E :

I follow Roberts thought that everyone (even those with slow inter-
net access) should be able to find the funk. Thats why this page is
completely designed with text characters. There will be no inline
images on this site. Every data content like iamges or videos are
provived as text link only & will be displayed as lightbox pop-up.
If you have a slow internet access, do not use those extra content.
Maybe a funky brother can download the preservation packs, that you
can enjoy the fonk offline.

R E C E N T U P D A T E S :

2011.12.26 - Added credits 2011.12.22 - Added first tour detail pages (pfunk 70-99) 2011.12.19 - Added first artist detail page 2011.12.14 - Added updated artist list - Added 1st version of the song list
2011.11.30 - New design... real V0.2!
- Added first tour detail page
- First Preservation pack uploads
2011.10.09 - P.Funk fanzine "Pure Gatherer #01" is online
P.Funk fanzine "Pure Gatherer #02" is online
2011.10.04 - Added Bernie Worrell tour list
- Added Fred Wesley / Maceo Parker tour lists
- Added more tour lists by various p solo artists
or pee spin-off bands
- Added statistics/entry-counter all pages
except bootsy tour list (coming soon)
2011.10.02 - Added new 2011/2012 pfunk tourdates
2011.09.06 - Artist lists are added
2011.06.xx - Public release!