The P.Funk Archive tries to be very self-explaining,  that means if
       you will  ride through the archive, after a short time,  the system
       will be no hidden secret for you,  if there are still questions ab-
       out major thangs, they will be answered via the F.A.Q.

       Da Preservation List (pre) is a list where all my preserved content
       is listed, even the private ones, 'cause everybody should know what
       is preserved or not, and hopefuly a copyright holder sees somethang
       tagged as COPyrighted and contact me cause he/her has the intention
       to free the pee, then it would be beautiful ...

       If you know a copyright holder from listed stuff do not hesitate to
       ask if the pee could be free!    ONE NATION, TOGETHER WE'RE STRONG! 

       2 basic rules:
       Everybody gets credited & nothing commercial  will be added without
       permission... Fonk on!


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       ---> /.credits
       ---> /.accreditation
       ---> /.faq